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Peach Spring is a light-synthesizer. A tool for exploring patterns of geometric light painted on your computers display, or projected into the world.

Manipulate the visuals in real-time with keys/mouse. Suggest playing some music before beginning.

use ARROW Keys to animate the geometry

more Keys to manipulate the program;

  • 1-9 set mirror configuration
  • U/I - increase/decrease geometry loop transform distance (cyclical)
  • O/P - cycle through possible geometric brushes
  • A/Z - the image projection warp amount (positive - negative)
  • S/X - the camera position in the screen axis (careful image can be lost)
  • D/C - distance of repeated image pattern
  • F/V - field of vision limited adjust (applied to geometry AND projected image)
  • G/B - feedback level adjustment (at full pixels never fade!)
  • H/N - feedback image transparency (brightness)
  • J/M - color saturation or brightness setting
  • SPACE - pressing resets some parameters (press if lost)
  • LMB (left mouse button) - HOLD and move mouse to manipulate geometric transform
  • Mouse Wheel - increment/decrement geometry loop number (may slow weak system careful)
  • MMB hold to set geometry scale loop (may slow weak system careful)

HOLD these keys & change values with mouse movements;

  • Q - geometry position
  • W - rotate geometry
  • E - change chaotic looping (may slowdown weak system)
  • R - shinny light positions X and Y axis (2 lights)
  • T - rotate projection screen
  • Y - rotate camera around Z axis (different result than above)
  • K - sets the transparency of the redrawn images
  • L - adjusts the size multiplier (blur and effects)

Try the demo to be sure this application runs to your satisfaction on your specific hardware. All features are enabled, however a nagging text message is displayed over the image periodically.

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Authorjph wacheski / iterationGAMES
TagsAbstract, art, Experimental, kaleidoscopic, light, prismatic, psychedelic, synth, tool, visual


Buy Now$3.03 USD or more

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